The Pub Project is an initiative brought to you by Localburgh.


Artists, illustrators and creatives we want you to create artwork, using an illustrative style of your choosing, to portray your local pub, cafe, restaurant or venue.


All artworks will be printed and sold as A3 poster prints for everyone to frame at home. For each piece sold, profits will be split between artists and the chosen venue.

Choose your


This can be a cafe, restaurant, pub or venue.

Create Your


Paint, sketch, photograph, capture.

Print Ready

Digitise your artwork to be sent in a digital file.


Send us your file and we'll get back to you.

Image by Rachael Gorjestani


  1. Select any Independent venue pub, cafe or community venue to be featured in your artwork. ​
  2. Create your Artwork through sketch, digital rendering, painting or poem. The artwork should be created in a portrait format to be used on a A3 poster. 
  3. Capture your artwork digitally using a scanner or digital camera. Images should be a minimum quality of 3500 pixels on the shortest side or 300 dpi. 
  4. Upload your artwork to the form below being sure to include full details of your selected venue. *Note we keep the integrity of the original artwork, while setting it up for print.​


  • We'll format your artwork into a poster or piece of merchandise.
  • We'll contact you when we've uploaded your artwork so you can share and promote it. 
  • We'll take orders for your artwork and send to printers in batches at our discretion in order to reduce admin and costs. 
  • We'll only notify artists whose artwork has sold, when it sells.
  • Payments will be made to artists and venues only once all costs and processing has completed.